Questions and answers

Question 1: Why do I need coins in the first place?

Well, actually you don’t need them. If you don’t want to progress in the game… But, if you really want to help Austin clean up the house of his parents, you will need a lot of coins. You can use the game’s main currency to make all kinds of purchases. For example, you can use them to buy boosters or get 5 additional moves when you need them to complete a level.

Question 2: Is there an alternative method for getting enough coins?

Of course there is! You can play the game frequently and the amount of coins will slowly rise. The problem with this approach is that you will have to invest a lot of time in order to get enough coins to make a difference.

There’s another way of getting coins, which does not require you to play the game for several hours each day. But, it requires your money. You can use real money to buy coins, but we got to warn you – the coins are not cheap!

Question 3: Can my account get suspended for using Homescapes hack?

We guarantee that something like that won’t happen. This is because we developed a bulletproof tool that keeps the users anonymous. What this means is that no one will ever know that you’re using our hack!

Question 4: Can I access Homescapes hack through my computer?

Although Homescapes is a mobile game-only, the same is not the case when it comes to our hack tool. You can access our generator from any device you like – PC, laptop, etc. Of course, if it is more convenient, you can do the same via your smartphone or tablet, while playing the game!

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